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▼ Freda Payne / Contact (LP)
Format: LP
Year: 1971
Label: Invictus
Condition: B
Jacket: PS

B-1“Prelude”は、Pete Rock“Give It To Y'all”, Percee P“The Woman Behind Me (Remix)”ネタ!
Raekwon“A Pinebox Story”ネタの、A-2“Suddenly It's Yesterday”, Wu-Tang Clan, DJ Cam等が使用した、B-2“The Road We Didn't Take”等収録!

A-1 I'm Not Getting Any Better
A-2 Suddenly It's Yesterday
A-3 You Brought The Joy
A-4 Bring The Boys Home
A-5 You've Got To Love Somebody (Let It Be Me)
B-1 Prelude
B-2 The Road We Didn't Take
B-3 Odds And Ends
B-4 Cherish What Is Dear To You (While It's Near To You)
B-5 I Shall Not Be Moved
B-6 Mama's Gone

♪ A-2 Suddenly It's Yesterday

♪ B-1 Prelude

♪ B-2 The Road We Didn't Take


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