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▼ Percee P / Perseverance (2LPs)
Format: LP
Year: 2007
Label: Stones Throw
Condition: B+
Jacket: PS

1st Album!
Madlib Pro.!
Diamond D, Chali 2na, Prince Po等参加!

A-1 Intro
A-2 The Hand That Leads You
A-3 The Man To Praise
A-4 Legendary Lyricist
A-5 Watch Your Step
B-1 Who With Me?
B-2 2 Brothers From The Gutter
B-3 Ghetto Rhyme Stories
B-4 Throwback Rap Attack
C-1 No Time For Jokes
C-2 Last Of The Greats
C-3 BX (Interlude)
C-4 Put It On The Line
C-5 The Dirt And Filth
D-1 LA (Interlude)
D-2 Mastered Craftsman
D-3 Raw Heat (45 Version)
D-4 The Lady Behind Me

♪ B-2 2 Brothers From The Gutter

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