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▼ Nas / It Was Written (LP)
Format: LP
Year: 1996
Label: Columbia
Condition: B
Jacket: PS

DJ Premier, Dr. Dre等がプロデュースで参加した2nd Album!
当時12'リリースされなかったSting“Shape Of My Heart”使いの名曲A-2“The Message”や、Dr. Dre Pro.のAlbum Only曲B-4“Nas Is Coming”等収録!

A-1 Album Intro
A-2 The Message
A-3 Street Dreams
A-4 I Gave You Power
A-5 Watch Dem Niggas
A-6 Take It In Blood
A-7 The Set Up
B-1 Black Girl Lost
B-2 Suspect
B-3 Shootouts
B-4 Nas Is Coming
B-5 Affirmative Action
B-6 Live Nigga Rap
B-7 If I Ruled The World (Imagine That)

♪ A-2 The Message

♪ A-3 Street Dreams

♪B-4 Nas Is Coming

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