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▼ Original Jazzy Jay / Cold Chillin' In The Studio Live (Re-Issue) (2LPs)
Format: LP
Year: 1989 (2006)
Label: Traffic
Condition: B+
Jacket: PS

A-3“Tony D / Back To The Lab”はDJ Koco氏、B-3“Raheem / I'm The King”はDJ Ivory Mix CD収録!

A-1 Ultimate Force / I'm Not Playing
A-2 Nu-Sounds / Yo Stupid
A-3 Tony D / Back To The Lab
B-1 D-Ice / So Def Am I
B-2 Jazzy Jay / Do What You Gotta Do
B-3 Raheem / I'm The King
C-1 Ice Cream Tee & Tony D / Keep Hushin'
C-2 MobVersa / Def Is The Status
C-3 Nu-Sounds / Condition Red
D-1 Outlaw Gangster / The Joke Is Over
D-2 Def Duo / You Gotta Believe
D-3 Grand Wizard Theodore / Grandwizard And The Freaks

♪ A-3 Tony D / Back To The Lab

♪ B-3 Raheem / I'm The King

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