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▼ V.A. / Stereo Spectacular Demonstration & Sound Effects (LP)
Format: LP
Year: 1971
Label: Realistic
Condition: B+
Jacket: PS

Pizzicato Fiveも使用のSound Effect集!

A-1 No Artist / Side 1 - Introduction
A-2 No Artist / The Surprise
A-3 No Artist / The Concert Hall
A-4 No Artist / The Bowling Alley
A-5 Louis Armstrong / The Vocalist
A-6 No Artist / The Whistler And His Dog
A-7 Unknown Artist / The Big Band
A-8 Unknown Artist / Mandolin Orchestra
A-9 No Artist / Clean Sweeps
A-10 No Artist / Jet Take-Off
A-11 No Artist / Russian Roulette
A-12 Unknown Artist / Vienna (Tales Of The Vienna Woods)
A-13 No Artist / The Model-T Ford
A-14 Johnny Puleo And His Harmonica Gang / Italy
A-15 No Artist / Sports Cars
A-16 Patachou / Patachou De Paris
A-17 No Artist / The Submarine
A-18 Mohammed El-Bakkar & His Oriental Ensemble / Port Said
A-19 No Artist / The Helicopter
A-20 No Artist / Bullfight Crowd
A-21 The Banda Taurina / The Banda Taurina (La Virgen De La Macarena)
A-22 No Artist / Sidewalks Of New York
A-23 No Artist / The Subway
A-24 No Artist / The Elevator
A-25 Unknown Artist / The Instrumental Trio
A-26 No Artist / Two At A Time
A-27 No Artist / Stereo Potpourri
B-1 Unknown Artist / El Gustito
B-2 Unknown Artist / Saints
B-3 Unknown Artist / Torna A Sorrento
B-4 Unknown Artist / Voce E Eu
B-5 Unknown Artist / Jes' Fruggin'
B-6 Unknown Artist / Tamale Wagon
B-7 Unknown Artist / No More Tomorrows
B-8 No Artist / Medium War
B-9 No Artist / Motorcycles
B-10 Unknown Artist / Reveille; Assembly; Charge - Bugle Calls
B-11 Unknown Artist / King Cotton
B-12 Unknown Artist / Helena Polka
B-13 Unknown Artist / Cindy

♪ A-1 No Artist / Side 1 - Introduction

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