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▼ Gary McFarland / Soft Samba (LP)
Format: LP
Year: 1965
Label: Verve
Condition: B
Jacket: PS

A-3“She Loves You”, B-1“And I Love Her”等Beatlesの名曲カヴァーを数曲収録したBossa Nova~Easy Listening名盤!

A-1 Ringo, Won't You Marry Me
A-2 From Russia With Love
A-3 She Loves You
A-4 A Hard Day's Night
A-5 The Good Life
A-6 More (Theme From The Film "Mondo Cane")
B-1 And I Love Her
B-2 The Love Goddess (Theme From The Paramount Picture "The Love Goddess")
B-3 I Want To Hold Your Hand
B-4 Emily (Theme From The MGM Film "The Americanization Of Emily")
B-5 California, Here I Come
B-6 La Vie En Rose

♪ B-1 And I Love Her

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