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▼ Freda Payne / Band Of Gold (LP)
Format: LP
Year: 1970
Label: Invictus
Country: US
Condition: B+
Jacket: PS

Ultimate Breaks & Beats!!
J.V.C. Force"Strong Island"ネタA-5"Unhooked Generation", B-6"The Easiest Way To Fall"収録!!

A-1 Band Of Gold
A-2 I Left Some Dreams Back There
A-3 Deeper & Deeper
A-4 Rock Me In The Cradle
A-5 Unhooked Generation
A-6 Love On Borrowed Time
B-1 Through The Memory Of My Mind
B-2 This Girl Is A Woman Now
B-3 The World Don't Owe You A Thing
B-4 Now Is The Time To Say Goodbye
B-5 Happy Heart
B-6 The Easiest Way To Fall

♪ A-5 Unhooked Generation

♪ B-6 The Easiest Way To Fall


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